Many situations arise during an individual’s life and it has an effect which doesn’t show up to the outside world.

These problems show up on the bed and they worsen with every time without an attempt to turn it around.

We’re going to look at the problems that are faced by men and sometimes women. Some of these problems are so common that about 60% of men have experienced some kind of problem with their sexual health.

Most of the times, these problems arise due to age factor. But what exactly are those problems? Read on to learn more.

Common Psychological Factors That Cause Male Sexual Health Problems

Let us look at some of the psychological changes that happen with the passage of time to some individuals.

Loss of Desire

Partial or total loss of desire happens to many individuals. While the partial loss of desire may have implications leading to lack of sexual contact and/or desire for another partner.

Total loss of desire implicates no interest in sexual activity.

Lack of desire either partial or total happens mainly because of the day-to-day activities involving a lot of brainstorming which doesn’t come with stress-relieving elements/activities. In this case, sex becomes a secondary/tertiary priority.

A painful childbirth also can lead to loss of desire in women.

Antidepressants also amount to a significant cause for lack of desire.

Uncomfortable Desire

Fantasies and fetishes are common amongst individuals, but sometimes they might just cross the line. These may be unusual, loony and/or frightening.

Consent is important and if those fantasies might not qualify to be normal on a regular time frame or thought chain, then it is best to leave it inside the mind. It is better to not act on it but to talk about it and get consent and second opinions.

High Desire

Having a healthy amount of urge is good and is considered to be normal but after it crosses a line, it can have a detrimental effect on other aspects of life. This makes it harder for an individual to focus on their relationships and affects their personal and professional life.


This is when an individual identifies himself or herself to be unattractive and the claim to not need any sexual life is said to be asexual. However, they also form intimate bonds with people, sometimes getting physical with them but their relationship doesn’t depend upon their sexual attraction and arousal.

Physical Difficulties

These are often experienced by both men and women who necessarily aren’t under any medication or suffer any condition. These can happen to almost any individual and solutions are available for that.

Erectile Problems

The most prominent problem in this category is erectile dysfunction and 40% of men have experienced it at some time in their life.

Trouble in getting and maintaining an erection through the course of an intercourse becomes tough for some individuals. Sometimes, erection isn’t even achieved.

Common male sexual health

Ejaculation Problems

The most common condition is ‘premature ejaculation’. This happens when the person doesn’t know to sense their ‘point of inevitability’ i.e.the time they’re about to orgasm.

There are exercises to improve this condition.

The second most common condition is ‘delayed ejaculation’. This is when the individual fails to ejaculate in the normal span of time i.e. 3-4 minutes during the intercourse, but leads very long, sometimes up to 45 minutes.

The most uncommon amongst all is ‘retrograde ejaculation’. This is when the semen enters the bladder rather than coming out of the urethra. This happens only if the individual has gone through an injury or surgery.


Some women have pain during penetration. This may lead them never being able to be penetrated despite wanting to. This condition arises after a traumatic surgery or delivery.

Dyspareunia (Pain during intercourse)

Both men and women can experience pain during intercourse if they’re not fully aroused for some reason. They can also experience more pain in certain positions which involve deeper penetration.

In women, this may happen due to pelvic injury, childbirth and/or surgery.

In males, this happens when their foreskin is tight. In uncircumcised men, this can lead to infections.

When Sex Itself Becomes The Barrier

There is no harm in having an active and a healthy sex life. But the catch here is this must not interfere in the daily life of an individual.

Due to the availability of the internet, sex is readily available and due to this, individuals from a liking for certain types of sexual indulgence. This can turn out to be problematic when the ‘sex life” gets out of control. The leading behavior can be easily termed as undesirable and unhealthy. This ultimately leads to problems in forming meaningful and healthy relationships.

Inflated and uncontrolled, this turns into obsessive and compulsive behavior. Next in the line comes distorted rational thinking and attempting to justify this behavior.

Often referred to as “sex addicts”, these people can then indulge in activities of high risks putting themselves and their partners at risk.

Ultimately, these will result in problems in old age, some even unrecoverable. The best way to recover is to get professional help. We’d also recommend spreading this information and helping people to know what the problem is because ‘Prevention is better than Cure’!

Here Are A Few Ways To Improve Your Sexual Health

Male enhancement is associated with the improvement of male sexual health. There can be numerous methods of male enhancement.

There can be numerous problems associated with different male enhancement methods. Some can have devastating side effects while some can be ineffective.

We shall have a look at the numerous male enhancement methods and their problems.


A lot of male enhancement methods are not safe and could be potentially dangerous. Here are a few of the male enhancement methods and their safety issues:-

  • Pharmaceutical Pills: These are chemicals that are used to treat sexual ailments. They can have nasty side effects and may pose potential health risks. Organ damage, hair fall, hormonal imbalances etc are some of the side effects.
  • Hormone Injections: These can be used to medically administer various sex hormones that may eventually benefit sexual health. However, they might not always work and there can be side effects associated with their usage. Frequent needle injections may also mean an increased risk of contracting infections.
  • Surgery: There are some surgical methods of male enhancement but they are quite risky. One can end up damaging their vital tissues or nerves if the surgery is gone wrong.
  • Dietary Supplements: Dietary supplements are the safest option when it comes to male enhancement. However, some might not contain natural ingredients or may be spiked with harmful steroids and prohormones to increase their effectiveness.


The cost of male enhancement methods varies and can differ from one method to another. The given are some problems associated with the cost of these methods:-

  • Pharmaceutical Pills: These pills are generally a bit expensive and require prescriptions. As they require frequent consultations with your doctor they can be quite expensive in the long run when the total consultation fees are also taken into consideration.
  • Hormone Injections: These are very expensive as they require the purchase of hormonal injections which are quite costly. The doctor’s fees and medical expenses must also be borne by the patient which makes them even more expensive.
  • Surgery: As we all know, surgical procedures are very expensive due to the medical costs involved in these procedures. There is a lot of expertise required for performing these procedures so the fees of the surgeon are quite high.
  • Dietary Supplements: They are by far the most cost-effective alternative when it comes to male enhancement. However, some dietary supplements may be overpriced.


Some male enhancement methods may work while others might not work that well. Based on effectiveness, these are the problems of male enhancement methods:-

  • Pharmaceutical Pills: These are usually very superficial in their effects and only treat the symptoms of sexual dysfunction. The effects of some pills wear off after some time.
  • Hormone Injections: These usually do work for improving sexual functioning but they may not work all the time. Their dosage needs to be medically administered.
  • Surgery: Surgery may work for improving sexual functioning. However, it is not always guaranteed and there are great risks of complications.
  • Dietary Supplements: Many dietary supplements do not contain effective ingredients in them. Some products may not contain natural ingredients in them.
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