Are you satisfied with your sex life? Are you not getting any pleasure from your sex life? If the answer to these questions is yes, then this means that you have been doing some stuff in the bad room every day. This made your sex life boring, uninteresting and less pleasurable, which can affect both your personal and work life.

You can improve your sex life by adding some new stuff, there are many new positions, which will spice up your sex life. According to the recent research, the majority of people do not know enough sex positions. It is very important to know different sex positions because it will also help you in finding the position, which is best for you.

You will be able to do some new variations which will make your night more pleasurable and your partner will be sexually addicted to you. To learn new sex positions, you can use the internet, you can read Kamasutra, it is a famous book, which tells about different sex position.

If you want to make your sexual session passionate and interesting, then you should try cowgirl sex position. This position is considered as one of the most pleasurable sex positions, also a cowgirl sex position is different from other position. If you want to know more about a cowgirl sex position, then keep on reading this post given by an expert.

What Is Cowgirl Sex Position?

Cowgirl sex position is different from any other sex position because, in the cowgirl sex position, women are on top of the guy. Yes, in this position women will be in dominating position and she will do all the work.

Whereas men will lay on his back and relax, if your man is too tired at the end of the day, due to work. Then you must try the cowgirl sex position because, in this position, you will have to do all the work and men will get time to relax.

Thus, cowgirl sex position is one of the famous girls on top sex position, also people prefer this position because it is easy to perform. Cowgirl sex position will also allow you to change positions conveniently, so if you have never tried this position, then try now. If you are a woman, then you are going to love cowgirl position, because in this position you will be in control.

To perform a cowgirl sex position, you do not have to be extremely flexible, this position is very simple. Men have to simply lay on his back and women will be on the top and straddle him, women leg should be on the side. Women can keep her hands-on men chest, shoulder or bed to keep herself steady.

If any women master the cowgirl sex position, then her men will be sexually obsessed with her. Also, if you like to lean backward a lot during cowgirl sex positions, then your flexibility should be good.

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What does Man do During Cowgirl Sex Position?

Although in the cowgirl sex position, it’s the women who stay on top and does all the work. Men can also do some work in this sex position, men can simply just thrust up and down, to take little control. During cowgirl sex position, men can also gyrate his hips in motion, this will help him in stimulating the wall of women vagina.

Also, when women are tried by doing all the work in the cowgirl sex position, man can put his hand under women bum and push her up and down. Men will also able to do anal fingering during cowgirl sex positions.

What do Women do In Cowgirl Sex Position?

According to the recent research, the majority of people enjoys cowgirl sex position. This is because in the majority of sex positions it’s the men who are in the dominating positions and does all the work. But in the cowgirl sex position, it’s the women who are in the dominating position and does all the work and men lay on his back and relax.

The reason why it is called cowgirl position is that women stay on top of men and ride him, which appears like riding a horse. In cowgirl position women are in control they can bounce up and down on the man penis. Also, to stimulate clitoris they can move forward and backward, it will also stimulate outside of her vagina. To make it more pleasurable and intense women can do both of these things together.

Women can also change the angle of entry by leaning forward and backward, if you are a woman and likes to lean back more. Then make sure you are flexible enough also you can use your hand to keep yourself steady.

By doing a cowgirl sex position, you can give your man back-arching, toe-curling and amazing orgasm. This will keep your men obsessed with you and also it will spice up your sex life and you will be able to find more pleasure.

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Other Positions

Just like cowgirl position, there are many other sex positions in which women stay on top. In these positions’ women will stay in control and men will get some time for relaxation. Some amazing women on top positions are:

  • Lunge position.
  • Thigh tide position.
  • Amazon position.
  • Asian cowgirl position.
  • Crab position.
  • Fast fuck position.
  • Corner cowgirl position.
  • Jughead position.
  • Man missionary position
  • Sybian position.

Try to add these positions to your regular sexual session, it will make your sex life more pleasurable and intense. These are very simple sex positions, you can learn these positions by watching adult videos, online etc. If you like to read then you can learn these positions, by reading a famous book called Kamasutra.


Having a good sex life is very important for both male and female because it helps them in reducing stress. A good sexual session also enhances mood and improve the relationship, however not all men and women get the sexual pleasurable session. This is because they do the same things in the bedroom every day, this makes their sex life boring and unpleasurable. You can spice things up by trying cowgirl sex position, it is well known throughout the world. A cowgirl sex position is considered one of the most pleasurable sex position.

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