When talking about sexual disorders, the most common ones to be named are Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Premature Ejaculation. Actually, premature ejaculation comes under Ejaculatory Dysfunction and as a topic has been covered before.

In this article, we’ll talk about other dysfunctions under the same umbrella.

What Are Ejaculatory Dysfunctions?

Ejaculatory Dysfunction refers to problems in ejaculation. These disorders include premature, retrograde, delayed and no ejaculation. In this article, we’ll learn about the causes, effects & remedy of Retrograde Ejaculation, Delayed Ejaculation and Anejaculation.

Ejaculatory Dysfunctions In Men No.1: Retrograde Ejaculation

Also called dry ejaculation, it is a condition where the semen flows back into the bladder during orgasm rather than out of the penis.

Cause: It happens as a result of a fault in a muscle. This muscle is the one which prevents the semen from entering the urethra. This fault could happen due to nerve damage arising from an injury/surgery in the pelvis/spinal/prostate region or any other medical condition like diabetes.

Effects: The only effect it causes is infertility.

Remedy: The medications that cause this condition can be stopped. There are some meds that can help keep the cavity closed during ejaculation, hence not allowing semen to get into the bladder.

Infertility can be worked around by using artificial insemination methods like intrauterine insemination & intracytoplasmic sperm injection.

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Ejaculatory Dysfunctions In Men No.2: Anejaculation

Anejaculation is the condition where no ejaculation happens at the climax. Two kinds of anejaculation happen-total and situational.

Cause: It can either be present from the start or it could be acquired through conditions like multiple sclerosis. Situational anejaculation depends upon the psychological condition of the partner.

Effect: Situational Anejaculation is when the man can ejaculate with one partner and not with other. Total anejaculation is of two types-orgasmic and anorgasmic. Orgasmic anejaculation is when the man can orgasm, but cannot ejaculate. Anorgasmic anejaculation is when the man can neither ejaculate, nor orgasm. Not being able to ejaculate can cause infertility and frustration.

Remedy: Sexual therapy and psychiatric help in understanding the process of arousal better can resolve situational anejaculation. Assisted reproductive technology can help overcome infertility. Anejaculation due to spinal cord injury can be treated using penile vibratory stimulation-wherein a vibrating device is used to stimulate the penis and achieve an erection.

Ejaculatory Dysfunctions In Men No.3: Delayed Ejaculation

Delayed Ejaculation (DE) is the condition in which a man needs more than half an hour of sexual stimulation to achieve orgasm. To be clear, the average time of climaxing from the beginning of the sexual stimulation to the orgasm is nine minutes.

Cause: Potential causes of DE include psychological conditions like anxiety and depression. The sole cause of failure of arousal like stress, poor communication, anger, etc. are also causes of DE. Comparison between sexual fantasies and real-life performance can also cause DE.

Medications which could cause DE include antidepressants, antipsychotics, diuretics, alcohol, and medications for high blood pressure. Surgeries to the pelvis, prostate & spine. Last but not the least, low thyroid and testosterone level is one of the major factors that cause DE.

Effect: Disappointment in sex life, low sex drive, infertility, stress and frustration, all of these could happen due to DE.

Remedy: There has been no clear remedy for DE, but anecdotal evidence suggests that medications used for treating Alzheimer’s help a lot. Boosting your testosterone levels for starters could help you if you find out you’re a deficit of testosterone.

Diagnosis Of Ejaculatory Dysfunctions:

All of these disorders can be diagnosed by observing symptoms and consulting a physician to conduct tests. Symptoms include an increase in the time period of climaxing right when it starts to hurt more than it feels good.


We advise you to stay healthy by following a healthy diet plan and exercise is one form or other. If you find out that you can notice the symptoms of DE in you, then consult an expert immediately and resolve it. The more you delay, the worse it becomes.

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