Are you not enjoying your sexual sessions anymore? Do you feel like that there is no more passion and excitement in your sex life? Do you want to have some really hot sex?

According to the recent survey, majority of couples do not enjoy their sexual intercourse after a while. Or they want to spice things up in the bedroom or during the sexual intercourse, by doing some hot sex positions. However not many people are able to do so, this is because they do not know any hot sex positions.

Learning hot sex positions is not that difficult, if you want to learn, then you can find numerous resources. If you want to learn new sex positions, then you can learn it by reading books such as Kamasutra or you can use videos.

Also, even after learning new hot sex positions, some people are not able to get any from it. This is because some of the positions are very difficult to do and some positions require some amazing flexibility.

If you are also facing the same issues then do not worry, we have selected some easy and extremely hot sex positions. With the help of these positions, you will be able to spice things up in the bedroom. The best part is that you do not have to be flexible to perform, these sex positions.

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Hot And Easy Sex Positions


This sex position will help you in stimulating a-spot. In this position, men have to sit down and he has to keep his legs straight and women will be in his arms horizontally, with her breast touching men chest. The only thing required in this position is the strength because men have to use his arm to lift women up. This will help him create a movement required for passionate and intense sex positions, as you can see this position is quite hot.


Don’t worry you do not need to have a Sagittarius zodiac sign to perform this sex position. This is one of the hottest sex positions and also it is extremely easy. To do this position both men and women have to stand up. Men have to hold one open leg up in his arm and women will have to slightly bend sideways. In this sex position, men will be in control of movement, so women will get some time to relax.

Magic Mountain

As the name suggests this sex position is extremely magical, it will give you ultimate pleasure and satisfaction. In this position, women will lie down facing down and her legs spread wide. Men will be kneeling behind her, with one of his leg between her leg and his hand wrap around her waist and butt.


In this position, men will be lying down on his back and women will sit on top of men face, with her knees bend. Also, women will lean forward and use her oral skills to make her men sexually obsessed with her.

Hot Sex Positions - Best Seller Of The Week -


These are some of the hot sex position, which is very easy to perform. To perform these sex positions one does not need to be flexible.

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Hot Sex Positions - Best Seller Of The Week -

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