If you’re trying to find out how to cum harder because you’re worried that your load of cum isn’t enough to make her pregnant. That, however, is not true at all, the amount of load you ejaculate does not determine if your sperm makes it to her egg. Sperm motility is what determines that. Sperm motility is the term which is used to describe how well your sperm swims and that is what affects fertility. As long as you cum inside her you’re good.

But if you think increasing the amount of your cumshot will increase the chances of getting your girl pregnant. Also, it does not increase the chances of accidental pregnancy either. To know why some men cum more than others you need to understand the science behind how cum is made and how it works.

How To Cum Harder

Where Is Cum Made?

In order to know how to cum harder let’s understand how this cum is made. Many people confuse that semen is made in the testicles, which is not exactly correct. While sperms are formed in the testicles, most of the semen, about 95 % – 99 % is not sperm. Actually, the load is made up of other stuff that is helpful in getting the sperm to reach the egg alive and well. All this other stuff is made in the prostate and seminal vesicle.

What Is Cum Made Up Of?

If you’re wondering what else sperm is made up of if not sperm, then here’s the answer to it.

  • The white milky fluid that you can find in the cum is made in the prostate gland. This fluid is rich in various nutrients and has various other compounds. IT has zinc and calcium in it as well as enzymes, proteins, hormones and citric acids, lipids etc. All these and other compounds improve the health if the sperm cells.
  • The yellowish, sticky fluid is produced in the seminal vesicles. This yellow fluid contains fuel for the sperm cell in the form of fructose ( sugar ). It also has in it important enzymes, proteins vitamin C, potassium and prostaglandins. Within the seminal vesicle, you will always find a small amount of this fluid already produced. It starts producing more of this fluid as soon as you get feeling aroused.
  • Another component of the cum is the precum. This is produced in the Cowper’s glands. This fluid does not play any part in the quality or strength of your cumshot. It clears the urethra of any trace or urine and also provides lubrication. It might be important for fertility but not for shooting huge amounts of cumloads.

How To Cum Harder

What Tips Can Help You Know How To Cum Harder?

There are many ways that can help you in increasing the intensity of your load. Some of those have been mentioned below:

  • Strengthen PC muscles – The longer you’re aroused, the more cum you produce and the more cum you produce the higher are your chances of shooting a larger load. The secret to staying aroused for a long time without cumming is by strengthening your pubococcygeus muscles (PC muscles). These are the same muscles which hold your pee in, they are also vital in holding your cum in. The stronger those muscles are, the more strength will be when they push out the semen.
  • Perform Kegels – Ejaculating further requires fit and strong PC muscles. In order to do so, you can perform kegels, this is an exercise which has been used for decades to prime these muscles. This is how you can perform kegels. Hold and then release your pee while standing upright. Repeat this 4 – 5 times and hold your pee in till a count of 3. This will help you stop from ejaculating prematurely. Doing this will also make your erections rock solid.
  • Supplements – The easiest way to increase the volume and quality of your load is to consume the male enhancement supplement. The most effective of such supplements is horny goat weed, Muira puama, Tongkat Ali, yohimbine bark, etc. Amino acids like Arginine, lysine, arginine too are an effective supplement which can boost your sperm volume.

If you wish to ejaculate loads of cum just the way pornstars do then follow these tips and watch the magic happen.

How To Cum Harder

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How To Cum Harder