Is Your Inability To Cum Troubling You Day And Night?

If you are great in bed and manage to get her screaming your name and please her. However, you finish weak with shooting cum as much as a teaspoon then your entire hard work becomes unsuccessful as she does not feel fulfilled and satisfied.

This ends today…

If you think being able to ejaculate huge amounts of semen is impossible and cannot be achieved by practice. Sleeping with numerous women won’t do it for you either nor will taking various harmful drugs. What you read ahead will help you in dispensing bucket loads of cum, literally…

What Is The Reason Behind This?

The very first thing to consider is that what you see in pornography is nothing but lies. When the male porn star fails to finish impressively, squirt guns and machines of sorts are used to shoot fake cum all over the girls. So if you are trying to achieve something fake you not only waste your time and energy but also your health.

Also ejaculating about 3.7 ml of semen is considered normal. Anywhere between 2 – 6 ml of cum ejaculated at every orgasm assures that you are normal. However, you don’t know exactly how much you ejaculate unless you’ve donated sperms or had tests done to find out. Our goal here is to make necessary adjustments in order to ejaculate more semen than usual and make you outdo yourself.

How To Cum

How To Shoot More Cum?

If you’ve been finding ways, treatments or tips on how to increase your sperm quantity, then you should’ve seen these:

  • Change your diet to ejaculate better.
  • Change your lifestyle.
  • Start working out.
  • Consume a male enhancement supplement.

Some of these are actually effective and should be followed, but that’s just some. There are various other ones which are not only misleading but also harmful. You will be suggested to split your diet, lifestyle, exercises, supplementation etc into equal portions. The truth, however, is to split your efforts in the following  manner:

  • 85 % change in your diet.
  • 5 % change in lifestyle.
  • 5 % working out.
  • 5% supplementation.

Why Focus More On Diet?

Following the right diet will provide you with not only tons of health benefits but also increase your seminal fluid. Changing only your lifestyle and workout regime will at best keep your semen quantity from decreasing further. But the proper correction in diet will directly increase the amount of cum you produce. It is so because the quantity of cum your body produces is directly proportional to the nutrients and beneficial chemicals you consume.

And to know just the right ingredients to consume can be a little tricky. So here this guide will introduce those ingredients to you, which are very essential in helping you achieve your goals.

How To Cum

Here are some of the most effective naturally occurring ingredients which will significantly increase your cum load:

  1. Butea Superba.

Butea Superba is a herb that is most commonly found in deciduous forests mostly in Thailand but also in Vietnam and India. It has a reputation for a long time as an excellent aphrodisiac. Also known as Red Kwao Krua, Butea Superba is used as traditional medicines to increase sexual vigor and cure erectile dysfunction. Research done on this herb and tests conducted using it has been reported to produce these results:

  • Increased sperm concentration.
  • Sperm motility increases.
  • Chances of fertilization increases.

Butea Superba not only increases your health but also treats your sexual dysfunctions.

  1. Maca, Black Maca.

This is a herb native to the Andes mountains in Peru. They appear similar to radishes and turnips. Its root is used as both food and medicine and has been used as a male enhancement supplement since long. It increases the sexual performance and fertility along with increased sperm count and motility rate and produces better sexual performance.

It has several added benefits:

  • Increases cum volume, sperm count, and sperm motility.
  • Has no negative side effect on your sexual performance.
  • Maca is safe and effective for increasing cum load and fertility.
  1. Pumpkin Seeds.

The seeds of the pumpkin are edible and are very nutritious as they contain high amounts of proteins, fibers, and several other nutrients. Pumpkin seeds have been touted to improve prostate health and promote a healthy male hormone function. This is very important if you want to increase your cum load.

These are some other observed benefits from consuming pumpkin seeds:

  • Studies on the seeds which tested the effects of Curbicin ( found in pumpkin seeds ) treats the problem of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BHP). The treatment not only cures the disorder but also improves the urinary tract health which further improves your sexual health.
  • Pumpkin Seeds have been observed to improve your sexual performance, increased sexual desire and sensation. Also, its oil increases sperm count but should be taken in control as high dose may lead to lower sperm count.
  • Myosin, an amino acid found in pumpkin seeds are essential for muscular contractions which significantly improve your ejaculations.
  1. Catuaba Bark.

Catuaba is trees native to Brazil only. Its bark and roots have been by native men for their aphrodisiac properties as well as a central nervous system stimulant. Catuaba is also used to treat insomnia, hypochondria, neurasthenia and helps recover from other serious illness. Its bark after studies has been successful in treating other sexual problems as well. Here are some of its sexual benefits:

  • Catuaba bark relaxes the corpus cavernosum, the chamber which holds blood during an erection. This helps you not only have better sex and shoot a huge load of cum but also is a natural way to get bigger.
  • The bark increases the brain’s sensitivity to dopamine which suggests it can make sex feel much better.

This herb has been able to produce sexual benefits without any side effects, this makes it one of the safest natural male enhancement supplement.

      5. Muira Puama.

This is a shrub or small tree that grows in the Amazon rainforest. Like the Catuaba bark, Muira Puama has earned a reputation for being a remedy for many illnesses and conditions. It contains a resin which has a strong stimulating effect on the central nervous system which makes sex more pleasurable and improves libido.

It is purported to increase penile hardness during erection. Also known as the Viagra Of Amazon, this herb is known to increase your strength and stamina.

These are some of the many other ingredients which are the best naturally found supplements for improving sexual health. Not just that they also have a significant positive impact on your physical and mental health which leads to overall increased performance.


How To Cum

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