Do you believe that size matters? Well, the majority of men argue that size does matter, this argument even creates insecurity between men. Some men think that their penis is not big enough to satisfy women sexually. These insecurities cause a lot of tension in their daily life, it even affects their confidence and relationship. According to the recent survey, majority men ask women if size matters or not and if their penis is big enough or not.

Thus, men use various options to get a bigger and thicker penis. Today thanks to technology, there are various options which will help one in getting a longer penis. There are some medical surgeries, pills, devices etc, which is very well known for increasing penis size.

However, before people spend their time, money and energy on these methods, they wonder if it will work or not. Many people struggle with the question such as what if it will cause some side effects? Or is it worth it?

Well if you are struggling with such questions and looking for the safest solution for getting bigger and larger penis. Then keep on reading this post given by an expert, in this post you will also find some penis enlargement exercise.

What Is Normal Penis Size?

To find out what consider to be the average size of the penis and what consider a small size, scientist conducted research. During the research, they find out if the penis size which is less than 4 cm (1.6 inches or) when flaccid or less than 7.5 cm (3 inches) when its erected. The men who have a penis with such size are considered to have a small penis.

These scientists said that penis size which is close to 8.8 cm (3.5 inches) when flaccid and 12.9 cm (5.1 inches) when erect. Men whose penis is around that size are considered to have a normal size penis and will be able to satisfy, their partner sexual needs.

During the study also find out that it is not good to have a too big penis either. Because if the vagina size small, then men will not able to please her women. Also, the sexual session will be very painful and women will not be able to enjoy it. The size of the men erects penis cannot be related to the size of his flaccid penis. In other words, one cannot determine the size of the erect penis, by looking at his flaccid penis.

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Why Do Men Think That Size Matters?

There are the majority of women who often think why men think that it is very important to have a big dick. And why do they think it is very important to have a big penis, to satisfy their partner sexual desire. Well, the simple answer to this question is they are insecure, men feel insecure about their penis size. This insecurity is their due to a lot of reasons, below you can see why men think size matters.

There is a lot of hype about big penis

There is a stupid buzz going on about the big penis, you will hear in a lot of stories and jokes where people talk about big penis. Also, in many adult movies people show a male actor with a really big penis, they think that women love big dick.

Popular culture

Other men feel it is very important to have a big penis because it will make them manlier and give them respect. Men also believe that when they have a big penis, they will get respect and love from the women. So, some people define their masculinity based on their penis size.

Men compare real sex with porn

A lot of men thinks that if they do not have a big penis, then they will never be able to penetrate. But this is completely meaningless to compare real sex with the porn because in porn men use a lot of device and supplements.

Women make it a big deal

Women are also responsible for making men insecure about their penis size, because sometimes jokingly say the things, which are very insensitive and completely meaningless. Women say things such as he is kind of small, he is too big. He is too small, I wish he was bigger, I wish he was thicker. All these comments are completely pointless ridicules.

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Famous Techniques To Get A Bigger And Thicker Penis

Today you will find numerous methods in the market which are well known for increasing penis size and thickness. There are several methods such as natural remedies, supplements, medical surgeries, devices etc. But if you are afraid of undergoing surgeries and do not want to spend enough money on these methods.

Then there are many other methods present in the market which are natural remedies and supplements. These methods are pocket-friendly, you can easily add it to your daily bugged.

Does Male Enhancement Really Work?

You can find numerous methods online, which promises to increase penis size quickly and effectively. There are some supplements that present in the market which claims to be effective for making dick effective and thicker.

However, there are some penis enlargement products which increase penis size quickly and effectively. But people often call these methods scam, because they do not get the desired result from these methods.

There are many methods which are very effective for increasing penis size, these methods are 100% natural and safe. Methods such as penis enlargement exercises, pills, and extension device, you can know more about these methods below.


There are numerous pills which are natural and safe, these pills will increase your penis size and thickness. You will start seeing the result from these pills within a few weeks. These pills give a quick and effective result.

Extension devices

You can also use the extension device to get a bigger and thicker penis, but you have to spend some money and effort for a bigger penis.

Penis enlargement exercise

This might seems surprising to you but there is some exercise which will make your penis big and thick. These exercise has been performed by men since decades and it has been proven very effective

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