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How to get a bigger penis? Do you think your penis is not big enough to satisfy your partner needs? Well, you are not the only one to think like that, there are the majority of people who desire for longer penis. This is because they believe that, to satisfy your partner needs it is important to have a bigger penis.

Many men believe that if their penis is not big enough, then they will not able to satisfy your partner sexual needs. Well in this post you will find out how big your penis should be to satisfy, your partner sexual needs and how can you get a bigger penis. So, keep on learning this article if you want a bigger and thicker penis.

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What Is The Average Penis Size?

According to the recent studies experts have found out how long an average size penis should be. The average size of the penis is 9.16cm (3.61 inches) when flaccid and 13.12 cm (5.16 inches) when erect. If your penis size is that big, then you will be able to satisfy, your partner sexually. if you often ask yourself how to get a bigger penis, then there is something which you must know.

It is not always a good thing to have a big penis, because if your penis is too big and your partner vagina is small, then she will not be able to enjoy and get any pleasure from sex. But if you have an average size penis than you will be able to pleasure your women. If you feel that you have a small penis and you want to make it bigger than do not worry. We have a few methods, which will make your penis look bigger.

How To Get a Bigger Penis?

If you do not have enough money to get a bigger penis, then do not worry there are a few methods, which will increase your penis size. But do not that you will not obtain a permanent result from these methods. However, as long as you keep on using these methods you will keep on getting desired results.

Warm Wraps

You can perform this method in many different ways, but most men prefer to use a hot washcloth, which is warmed with water. Wrap that hot washcloth around your penis and leave it for a minute. The blood circulation in your penis will increase due to heat, this will result, in increasing your penis size.

If you want the easiest method, then just take a shower with hot water and direct water towards your penis. This will boost the blood flow in your penis, which will make your penis bigger than ever.


This is one of the easiest ways of getting a bigger method, all you require is your hands. Just tag your penis for few times, gradually stretch it as much as you can for few minutes. Then release it and repeat this method for a few more times. This method will stretch the tissues out and after repairing they will get bigger.

Shaking Your Penis

This is one of the most used methods for getting a bigger penis because this method can be performed anywhere. All you have to do is shake your penis many times, this will increase the blood flow in your penis and your tissue will be stretched. This will keep your penis stiff for a very long time.

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How To Get Bigger Penis - Best seller of the week -

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