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Are you someone who believes size matters? Do you think your penis is too small to satisfy your partner sexual needs? If the answer to those question is yes, then this means that you are not satisfied with your penis size and looking for a way to increase it.

Well, today the majority of men think that it is important to have a bigger penis if they want to satisfy their partner sexual needs. People believe that due to various reasons, one of the common reasons is the adult movies. When men see adult movies and when they see the male in those movies with a big penis, they believe it is important to have a bigger penis.

Well, this is so not true when it comes to sexually satisfy your partner needs, there are tons of things which matter. If the penis size is too big and the vagina is small, then the women will not be able to enjoy sexual intercourse. Thus, it is not always a good thing to have a bigger penis, however having an average size penis is good enough.

What Is The Average Penis Size?

Well, this is one of the most debated topics, however, according to recent studies. The average size of the penis is 2.8 inches when flaccid (7 centimeters) and 5 inches (10 centimeters) when erect. If your penis is at that size, then you will be easily able to satisfy your partner sexual needs.

Men whose penis is less than that, invest their time and money on many expensive methods. But one should not do that, because these methods are not safe and they have numerous side effects. However, there are some natural ways, which will increase your penis size and thickness. Keep on reading this post, if you want to know to want to learn exercise, which will increase your penis size.

Exercise To Increase Penis Size

Stretching exercises

This is one of the safest and easiest ways for increasing penis size, all you have to do is manually stretch your penis by stretching it. You must focus on stretching the skin of your penis until your tissues start to tear.

This process will increase your penis size because when your skin tissue heals, your penis will appear bigger. There is also some exercise like jelqing, which is known for increasing penis girth. You must know that you will not get an immediate result from it, however, consistency is the key.

Stretching devices

Nowadays you will find numerous devices which claim to increase penis size safely and effectively. For example, a penis pump, which is used for getting an immediate erection, but daily use of this supplement has shown an increase in penis size.

These two are the natural ways which will improve your penis size safely and effectively. However, using these methods there is some downfall, which you can experience, such as itching, bruising, numbness etc.

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It is not important to have a bigger penis, but if you think, that your penis size is less than average. Then there are some ways and methods, which help you in obtaining a bigger and thicker penis, which will make your sex life intense.

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