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It’s not uncommon if you have this sexual dysfunction called premature ejaculation. The short-term implications of this disorder could leave you into splits and in the long-term, this could spell disaster. That is, unless you treat it.

In this article, you will learn about steps you can take to counter and overcome this sexual dysfunction, last longer on the bed and make your partner crave for more. You can basically live up to the expectations of you and your partner without compromising on your health- both physical and mental.

How To Last Longer

Tips To Get Rid Of Premature Ejaculation

Let’s get into the points that could potentially save your relationship and your self-esteem while making you more confident and desirable.

  1. Think Positive!

    Positivity is everything and you being nervous & negative could wreak havoc in your game. There are so many instances wherein premature ejaculation happens due to psychological reasons.
    Whether it is you being not ready or your unwillingness to commit or any dormant reason deep inside your subconscious, it can affect how well you perform. So make sure that you take your time to calm down and think about the only thing that matters.

  2. Get Into Foreplays:

    Before you get into the actual intercourse, get into foreplay like a prelude before the real chapter. This will make you more comfortable as you ease into the action rather than jumping right into it in an explosive fashion.
    This will work especially well when you pay heed to your partner’s wants. Giving her time means you being able to stay on longer.

  3. Masturbate The Right Way:

    Most men do this to get to the climax quickly and as a means to “blow off steam” temporarily. But it shouldn’t deter you into doing it like that always.
    Masturbation could be a practice for the actual game and doing it the right way could mean that you will be able to delay your orgasm while you’re actually in the intercourse. And you know what that means!
    Try doing it carefully and slowly. Every time you sense that you’re nearing the climax, slow down and try to delay this sensation as much as possible.

  4. Try New Positions:

    Do you know that if you get into a tough spot or a difficult position- one which makes you feel uncomfortable- you could possibly delay your orgasm? We bet not until now. When you make your brain to think about the discomfort, it will automatically reduce some pleasure and it is a fair trade.
    You can also incorporate some habits into your intercourse routine which could potentially improve your relations with your partner while giving you an advantage on the timings of your climax. Taking some time in between the session to focus on her or giving her the reigns could make you a lot better at sex.

  5. Some Helpful Tips:

    You might have come across several tips before stumbling into this article, so here’s a compilation of those tips to make things clear:
    1. Use a condom: this decreases the amount of contact and hence stimulation that you would get without wearing one, thereby helping you last longer. Also, safety first!
    2. Use a numbing spray: this works the same way as a condom, except it’s not a contraceptive method. Make sure you get the right kind though!
    3. Do Kegel exercises: these exercises would help you gain control over the muscles that control the outflow of semen, thereby helping you delay your climax.
    4. Slow Down: just like you practiced in your masturbating (if you did), slow down if you sense you’re about to climax. Or change your position and give her control.
    5. Masturbate beforehand: It will be harder for you to orgasm for the second time and hence, it is a good idea. Remember the tips though!
    6. Distract yourself: it is a very old technique, but giving credit where it’s due, it works! Just think about something that won’t arouse you and you’ll last a couple minutes more.
    7. Use Viagra: known for its properties of improving erectile function and helping enhance sexual experiences, you might already know this. Just keep in mind that there may be side effects, MAYBE.


Now that you know that you can defeat the one thing that has been your enemy, get started and work hard on it (excuse the pun). You can expect yourself to be better just under a month if you do things the right way.

Premature ejaculation is not a condition that you can take lightly as so much is at stake. Miracles won’t occur if you just keep waiting, so start working.

How To Last Longer


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