If you wonder why you haven’t been able to satisfy your partner even when you’re pleasured and for that you blame yourself…

Then you’re mistaken as it is not you who has some defect. Where a guy will definitely experience orgasm unless something goes wrong, girls on the other hand not necessarily take time to, but the right ways. In case of girls, there is nothing such as a quick toss. If you don’t know what you’re doing you can be in trouble and making her cum could become near to impossible.

There is a range of techniques one can learn to change this and make the girl moan with pleasure. If you hit the right spots (pun intended) you can make her come back for more as they’ll know you are the man for the job. So let’s not waste any more time and get on with it.

How To Make A Girl Cum

One Of The Biggest Parts You Miss Out On Is SEDUCTION!

The mind plays a very important role in making her cum as the imagination can be very powerful. When you can’t do it for her, her mind will. Even after multiple disappointing sessions, she’ll still long for sex as her mind convinces her it’s worth it. Simple things such as words too can make her wet. Your personality and behaviour can to help you in seducing her above par.

Here are some tips to help you with that:

  • Appear absolutely confident – For girls, confidence is a major turn on. If you believe you can pleasure the girl, you are way likely to actually do that.
  • Make eye contact – Be flirty, not creepy. Eye contact can play a major role in painting your personality. Too less of it may make you seem inexperienced and too much of it could turn you into a creep.
    Just a glance towards her and expressions of attraction along with a suggestive
    smile. This for sure will make her wet and long for your stuff in no time.
  • Signs – Drop hints that you want to get her in bed, but make sure you don’t get overzealous with this. Saying anything creepy
    or making a move in that way can make her uncomfortable and you lonely for sure.
  • If she’s already your partner, go a level higher to make her orgasm more. Try these methods:
  • Send her dirty texts with a suggestion of what all you can do. Do not hit her with brazen or brash statements of intent. Rather plant an idea in her head of how you want her and let her take it further.
    Getting into details can easily turn a boring work day into a wet and ‘have some fun’ day.
  • Watching porn with your partner is an effective method of turning her on, given they are comfortable. It can give you new ways and forms to try which can spice up your sex.

Explore Her With Your Tongue… Completely…

More than the physical methods there are other effective ways to heat thing up. Your mouth is one of those. Use your lips to kiss her and tease her across her entire body. Start by kissing her on the lips, work your way around then go to her neck and then further below towards her body.

Titillate her by tantalizing around her breasts and pussy but do not touch them yet. This tease will make her want this more and wet her further.

Go to places you would usually ignore, kiss her around her back, bite her butt cheeks, and tickle her near the pussy and legs. Eventually, caress her breasts with your lips and talk dirty all the while. This will make her want the pleasure more. Finally, when her pussy’s entirely wet and ready for your tongue, go down on her and give her the joy she’s been waiting for till now.

How To Make A Girl Cum

Stimulate The Clitoris

The clitoris is the most sensitive part in the female anatomy. With about 8000 nerve endings, it is the direct route to female orgasm. When you find it you need to be sure you don’t put all your strength on it as it can even cause a lot of pain. Start by using you fingers to get an idea of its sensitivity. Once you are set to use your ultimate weapon i.e. the tongue. In the heat of the moment, a girl will tell you exactly what she wants and this can be very helpful.

Cunnilingus is the most effective method to get a girl orgasm. No matter how you perform or what measures you have, mastering this art can do it all for you.

Fuck Her The Right Way!

If you haven’t had much success with the previous methods go straight to the action. Penetration is the best method to orgasm as you both get to do it together. Even if it may not lead to orgasm, penetrative sex is still preferred by girls as it gives pleasure. There are various positions you can try which can help you bring her to orgasm. Penetrating her in the ways which stimulate her clitoris is essential as that way you can hit the right spot again and again which gives you an upper hand in getting her to cum.

One very effective position is placing her on top as that way she can move the way in which your penis stimulates her clitoris again and again. This for some men is ideal as it puts less pressure on them and the girls’ experience orgasm more certainly.

Anal Sex… Didn’t See That Coming?

Yes for some women anal sex is the more pleasurable sex as the ones who engage in it are more likely to reach orgasm then the ones who only have vaginal sex.

If your girl is ready to try it, this could be your way to bringing her to orgasm while fucking her at the same time. However approach the subject carefully as anal sex is not approved of by everyone. Many girls refrain from participating in it as anal sex hurts more than vaginal sex. If she says yes go for it as it’s one another and powerful ways to make her cum.
Else you can continue pleasuring her in one of the ways discussed above.

How To Make A Girl Cum

Final Tips:

  • Hit the G-Spot, if you find it. The little rough to touch, sensitive area on the roof of the vagina can make the girl squirt
  • Dirty talk. During foreplay and sex, this is a nice way to keep her tuned into it and will keep her focused until you succeed
    in getting her to orgasm.
  • Research and practice. If you’re worried that you might not be able to last long enough, these ways may help. However look up ways to increase your longevity.


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