When a person is prescribed a male enhancement solution, more often, L-Arginine is one of the active ingredients in the total composition.

What Exactly Is L-Arginine And How Does  It Work? Read On To Learn More:

L-Arginine is an amino acid which helps make proteins. When L-Arginine breaks down in the body, it becomes nitric oxide and this helps relax blood vessels. By doing so, more oxygen-rich blood can circulate through the arteries. This primary helps in erectile conditions.

Lets us now get into the effectiveness of L-Arginine. It isn’t said to be highly effective by the researchers but it does do a comparable amount of effect as compared to that of other amino acids.

L-Arginine has a role to do in cell division, removing ammonia from the body, improving the immune system, production of hormones, regulating blood pressure and healing wounds.

It is prescribed to people with conditions where vasodilation is required, for example, high blood pressure. This effect is similar to that of acetylsalicylic acid or aspirin.

When L-Arginine is combined with other substances like pycnogenol and yohimbine, its effects improves significantly. Its combination with yohimbine is an approved method of treatment for erectile dysfunction, the only exception being this worked only with mild and moderate cases.

L-Arginine, when combined with pycnogenol, helps men between 25-45 years get better erections without causing any side effect.L-Arginine For Male Enhancement -MaleEnhancementComplex.com

Sources of  L-Arginine:

L-Arginine can be found on a regular diet. Almost all dietary proteins contain arginine (except gelatin) but in certain conditions, it is just not enough. Hence, supplements containing arginine are prescribed. L-Arginine can also be found in vegetarian sources like grains, beans, corn, and nuts but strangely not in vegetables or fruits.

Side Effects Of Heavy Intake Of  L-Arginine:

Even though it is a natural amino acid, side effects may arise in cases of misuse or usage in improper dosage.

It can cause potassium imbalance:

Potassium imbalance means getting one of the two conditions i.e. either Hyperkalemia or Hypokalemia. While Hyperkalemia doesn’t have any effect when the levels are just above normal, but when it’s very high, it can cause muscle weakness or dangerous heart rhythm. Hypokalemia has very similar effects to its hyper counterpart.

For the most part, at an adequate dosage, L-Arginine won’t cause any of these conditions except if the individual is undergoing treatments which hamper the natural potassium absorption rate of our body.

Significant Decrease In Blood Pressure:

As we said earlier, L-Arginine has an effect similar to aspirin of decreasing the blood pressure. This can go worse if the individual doesn’t exercise or is a patient with low blood pressure already. Consulting a physician beforehand is a must in such cases.

Alteration In Blood Sugar Levels:

Studies have shown that arginine can decrease insulin resistance and so, the blood sugar level will drop.

It Can Increase The Risk Of Bleeding:

Bleeding or hemorrhage can happen if the blood becomes too thin. A physician always warns of this side effect, but it can only happen with improper dosage. One must also be very careful while using L-Arginine if they’re already taking other substances prescribed for ED like tadalafil (Cialis) and sildenafil (Viagra).

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