Almost everyone has some or the other fetish that they enjoy. While most of them are common there may be some which you wouldn’t have heard of. You can know about some of the below. Here is a list of  them:

Abrasions – People who like giving cuts and scrapes enjoy this fetish.

Intoxication – Consuming alcohol or drugs before having sex.

Pictophilia – Fetish for watching porn, especially of the same actor. This may even lead to addiction to porn.

Begging – Kink to beg and plead ( for having sex, for orgasm,etc. ). Usually submissive in nature.

Dirty Talking – A kink for dirty talking is pretty common. Some don’t even consider it as a fetish.

Age play – A role play in which one of the partners or both pretend to be of different age. Some such examples include infantilism, Daddy daughter play, etc.

Double penetration – Penetrating a woman’s vagina or ass using a combination of toys, penises or both.

Crurophilia – A kink related to legs. It is quite common.

Phygephilia – There are people who enjoy this fetish. Phygephilia is a fetish for being a fugitive on the run. Can be counted under role play.

Altocalciphilia – This is a fetish for high heels. Usually worn by women but not always.

Bestiality – Sex with animals, also known as zoophilia.’

Foot Fetish – Foot Fetish involves enjoying feet sexually. Includes footjobs, licking, sucking, etc.

Oculophilia – Fetish involving an obsession with the eyes.

Dracophilia – This is a fetish of dragons. Dragon dildos are used in this.

Immobility – A kink which involves force-feeding and bondage.

Golden Showers – Urinating on the partner, face or body or both.

Amazons – Women like to play strong personalities like the Amazons, or be in the position of authority.

Claustrophilia – Opposite to claustrophobia, in this fetish a person becomes aroused through confinement to small spaces.

Pecattiphilia – Fetish which involves kink for sinning and breaking religious rules.

Lactation – Fetish about lactating mammaries. Women enjoy their partners sucking their nipples or them breastfeeding their partners.

Nyctophilia – This fetish involves love for the night. It can also be considered as fetishizing darkness.

Internal Cumshots – Just like semen fetish but here arousal is due to being ejaculated into rather than on.

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List of Kinks and Fetishes

Food play – Bringing food into sex. Having sex on the table or covering your partner’s body with food and eating it off of them.

Autofellatio – A kink where the man blowjobs himself. Whilst difficult, yoga can make this easier.

Kigurumi – Fetish about wearing anime masks, especially by men who wear masks of women.

Nonconsensual – A kink for sex without permission (Rape). Any kind of nonconsensual sexual activity is illegal and is considered as sexual assault or rape.

Pedophilia – Fetish for dolls. People with doll fetishes make use of sex dolls.

DVP – Double Vaginal Penetration. Unlike double penetration, it involves penetrating two sex toys or penis in the vagina.

Latex – Rubber, PVC, Latex and other materials which attract our eyes thanks to their sheen.

Hypnotism – Hypnosis could be a form of, in an erotic situation, consensual non-consent.

Medical play – Role play involving medical scenarios, medical instruments or uniforms.

Face fucking – Blowjob but of more extreme form, where the man roughly fucks the partner’s mouth.

Exhibitionism – A rather common fetish which involves being naked and performing sexually in front of a person or people. Sex in public is partly exhibitionism.

Bondage – Restraining the person either by physical objects ( Cuffs, ropes, etc) or instructing in a specific way. It may include furniture and certain devices.

Facesitting – The act where a woman sits on a man’s face while he performs oral. It’s incredibly dormant.

Military – In this fetish the person enjoys having sex in military uniforms. Counted under uniform fetishes.

Helplessness – Roleplay where someone is helpless. Played as the damsel in distress or victim to their partner.

Orgasm Denial – Type of play where a person’s orgasm is denied, limited, ruined or delayed.

Cunnilingus – A very common kink. Receiving oral sex as a woman by either a man or a woman gives an orgasm.

Macrogenitalism – Fetish for genitals that are large. Do not limit it just to penises.

Group Sex – Group sex or multiple-party scenarios are rather hot but also sometimes uncomfortable.


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