Nettle Root Extract is a plant known for its infamous and notorious sting.

However, it can be used for many medicinal purposes. Let’s take a sneak peak into that side of it.

Originating from Europe, Northern Africa, Northwestern America and Asia, Nettle Root Extract has been used traditionally in Austria to treat disorders of kidneys, urinary tract, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, skin, hemorrhage, rheumatism, locomotor system and gout.

The lesser known fact about Nettle Root Extract is its testosterone boosting properties and it is being used in some leading male enhancement products.

Nettle Root Extract is one of the most nutritious herbs on the planet. In fact, ten grams of Nettle Root Extract contains 290 mg of calcium and 86 mg of magnesium, and compared to it, spinach looks puny with only 10 mg of calcium and 8 mg magnesium. Incorporating Nettle Root Extract into a daily diet has several benefits.

Why Does Nettle Root Extract Sting?

The surface of the Nettle Root Extract leaves and stems are covered with thorns, much like that of a rose plant. These thorns, which are called trichomes, act like hypodermic needles and they deliver histamines and other chemicals to the skin causing a burning sensation.

How Can Nettle Root Extract Be Consumed?

Nettle Root Extract can be ingested in several ways, including eating the raw stinging leaves. In fact, yearly Nettle Root Extract-eating competitions are held where the contestants eat raw Nettle Root Extract leaves.

The Nettle Root Extract root and the stem can be cooked into a salad or a soup or made into tea. Nettle Root Extract is also extracted using alcohol as a tincture and then made into consumable capsules.

What Are The Uses Of Nettle Root Extract?

Alternative Medicine For Allergies: Nettle Root Extract has been prescribed as an alternative for people with sensitivities and side effects like drowsiness, seizures and dry mouths arising from over-the-shelf antihistamines.

Treating BPH: Nettle Root Extract also helps in increasing the function of kidneys. Extracts from Nettle Root Extract roots contain substances which have anti-inflammatory effects, regulate lipid peroxidation, inhibit alpha-reductase, alter growth factors and protect the bladder and its surrounding muscles. Therefore, these help in curbing the symptoms associated with BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia).

Regulating Blood Pressure: Nettle Root Extract has been seen to work as a diuretic i.e. it lowers the systolic blood pressure. Although a physician must be consulted by patients with high blood pressure.

Treating Arthritis: Nettle Root Extract has been used to treat joint pains by directly applying the leaves on the painful area. The anti-inflammatory properties of Nettle Root Extract proved to decrease the osteoarthritic pain when the right amount of pressure is applied. This was also observed when the root was extracted into an oil-based solution and was applied on the painful area, the similar result was observed.

Weight Loss Supplement: Nettle Root Extract is a natural appetite suppressant and helps increase metabolism. This enables the body to effectively throw out waste products. Although the weight loss won’t be as significant as other effects, it still is believed to play a role in it.

Skin Care And Hair Growth: Many herbalists claim that Nettle Root Extract helps to strengthen hair roots and nails due to the silica present in it. The analgesic effects of Nettle Root Extract helps in skin problems like eczema or rashes. The detoxifying properties of Nettle Root Extract help in curing acne.

Antibacterial And Anti-fungal Properties: Studies in 2013 showed the healing properties of Nettle Root Extract due to its lectin agglutinin content. Due to this, it has a ‘potent antibacterial activity’ and a strong anti-fungal function arising from its chitin binding properties.

How Does Nettle Root Extract Affect Sexual Health?

Nettle Root Extract has been observed to increase the amount of free testosterone in the body. Researchers in 2014 found out the following effects that Nettle Root Extract had on a person’s body:

  • Boosted motility, count and morphology of sperm cells.
  • Increased the diameter of seminiferous tubules (a tube inside the testes).
  • Significantly increased the amount of free testosterone.

Nettle Root Extract has also been observed to improve libido and sex drive because of the effect it has on testosterone levels and therefore it can be concluded that Nettle Root Extract has a positive impact on sexual health.

Recommended Dosage And Consumption:

  1. Dried Nettle Root Extract leaves can be taken at the rate of 2-4 g at a time, and three times per day.
  2. It can be consumed at the rate of three-four cups every day alongside extra water.
  3. Nettle Root Extract root extracts have to be consumed at the rate of 1.5 mL at a time, three times a day. Leaf extracts can be consumed between 2-5 mL three times a day.
  4. Its tincure can be taken at 1-4 mL four times a day.
  5. Nettle Root Extract juice is to be consumed fresh as a one-ounce serving. It is made by juicing either just the leaves or leaves and the stem.
  6. Nettle Root Extract can be also mixed with other ingredients in an appropriate proportion to boost its benefits for sexual health.

Statutory Warnings:

People with conditions related to the heart, kidneys and hormones must exercise caution while consuming Nettle Root Extract.

Nettle Root Extract should NOT be consumed by pregnant women in any form as it can lead to a miscarriage.

Nettle Root Extract can make your blood thin and reduce the ability to clot. Hence, it can reduce the blood pressure, which can be dangerous at times.

At other times, an individual might just be allergic to Nettle Root Extract and must start the dosage very low in order to know about/confirm this allergy.

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