Size Shouldn’t Matter

Are you not able to perform well sexually due to your overweight? If yes then do not worry there are some positions, which will help overweight people in getting pleasure from sexual intercourse. Let’s see what are those positions.

Sofa seduction

If you are overweight, then you will love to perform this sex position. Because this position does not require a lot of energy or flexibility, in fact, this pose is very easy. In this position, your women will bend over the sofa and you will enter from the behind. You can grab her hair or spank her, to heat up the moment.

Reverse cowgirl

This is one of the famous sex positions, this is because it is easy to perform and also it is very satisfying. Big couples can also try these sex positions, in fact, they will love this position because their belly does not come in the way. To perform this position, you will have to lie down on your back and your girl will be on top of you. She will face your toes and both her knees will be on your sides, in this position women will control range of motion.

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Modified missionary

In this position, your partner will lie down on her back with her legs wrapped around your waist. You will be on top of her controlling the movement, you can also make out or gaze into your partner eyes, during sexual intercourse. As you can see this position is very easy to perform and it does not require any flexibility. So, if you are overweight, then you should try this sex position.

The standing pretzel

If your belly is coming in your way during sexual intercourse, then you might want to try this sex position. Because in this pose, your partner will lie down on her side on the edge of the table or bed or any surface. Her one leg will be on your shoulder and the other one is down, this will allow you to thrust deep inside her. This position will also allow you to find a g-spot.

Splitting queens

You might not know this but a pillow can spice up your sex life if you want to know how then try this sex position. In this pose, your girl will lie down on her back, put a pillow under her head and torso, and spread her legs. This will help you and your partner to get the ultimate pleasure from this sex position.

Sex in a sling

This might sound little crazy to you but, this position will definitely take your sex life to the next level. For this position you will require a sling and your girl will sit on it and you will be standing between both her legs. Both you and your partner will be holding sling, for better support and to make a movement. If you like to experiment, then you must try this position, because this position is fun and sexy at the same time.

Edging on the bed

If your weight is stopping you from spicing things up in the bedroom, then you should try this pose. Because this pose will give you and your partner ultimate pleasure. In this position, your women will lie on the edge of the bed and she will keep both of her legs on your shoulder.

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