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Are you trying too hard to get an orgasm? Do you feel that your women are not enjoying your techniques? If the answer to these questions is yes, then do not worry we have some sex position which will give your partner ultimate pleasure. Moreover, if you will be able to master these sex positions, then your partner will be sexually obsessed with you.


If you ask women which is their favorite position, then most of them will say missionary. This is because this position is easy, it is hot, it does not require any flexibility, it is intimate and also it allows women to get an orgasm.

You can easily perform this position, you can perform this sex position anywhere. In this position women will lie down on her back and men will be on top of her. This position will definitely help your women in enjoying sexual intercourse.

Legs On Chest

This is also a missionary position, it’s just a different variation, in this position you can easily spice things ups. In this position, you will be easily able to stimulate women clitoral and will be able to find the sweet spot.

To perform this position, your women will have to lie down on the floor and her legs will be on your shoulder. You will be on your knees, she can put her hand on your thighs to get more powerful thrust, which will stimulate her clitoral.

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Stacked Spooning

If you and your partner enjoy doing the doggy style sex position, then both of you are going to enjoy this position. It is just another variation of doggy style, but in this position, women will also be able to enjoy.

Because in this position men will get the full range of motion and they will be able to thrust even harder. To perform this position, get on a comfortable surface like a bed or a couch, if you will be able to master this position. Then your women will get ultimate pleasure from this position.

Women On A Top

If you ask any women what is their favorite sex position, then they will definitely say this position. This is because they will be in control and they will get more pleasure from this position because she can control the speed of motion. To perform this sex position, you will have to lie down on your back and your partner will be on top of you. You can keep your hand on her butt if you want to thrust deeper.

Women On Top Variation: Chair

Some women might not prefer this position, because they will be on display, thus they will be conscious. To perform this position, you have to sit on the chair and your partner will be on top you, you can keep your hands on her waist for better support.


These are some of the sex position which you should definitely try if you think your partner is not enjoying sexual intercourse with you. Because in these positions your partner will be able to get pleasure and orgasm, also these positions are very easy.

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 Sex Positions For Her - Best Seller Of The Week -

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