Do You LIke To Spice Things Up While Taking Shower?

Do you like to get intimate in the shower? Well if you want to spice things up, then you should be very careful. Because in the shower, there is a high risk of getting injured, because everything is wet in there. There are some sex positions, which will help, you in enjoying your sex positions.

Standing doggy

If you want to have a steamy moment in the shower room, then you should try this position. This position is just another variation of doggy style. In doggy style, both men and women are on their knees. But in this position, both men and women will be in standing position and women will bend over, with her hands down for support.

This position will make women vagina tight and you will be able to get maximum pleasure from this sex position. So next time when you take shower with your partner, make sure that you try this pose.

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Woman on top

A shower can be more fun for you if your women will be on top of you taking control of the range of motion. For this pose, you will simply have to sit down and your women will sit on you, with both her knees on your side. Try this pose, if you like to get intimate or gaze deep into your partner eyes, during the sex session.

The bridge

If you do yoga then you will definitely want to try this pose and if you have not done yoga or not flexible enough. Then you must not try this sex position, because in this position, the girl required to be a little bit flexible.

In this position, women will lie down with her legs spread wide and she will lift your butt up. Men will be on his knees between her legs, this will allow him to penetrate deep.


You must try this position in the shower room, next time because it is easy, hot and extremely pleasurable. In this position, both you and your partner will be standing, your girl will keep her hands on the wall for support. You can grab or spank her butt to spice up the movement.

Three-legged dog

In this position, both you and your girl will be in a standing position. Your girl will keep her hands around your neck for support and you will lift her one leg up so that she does not fall. This position is very easy and it does not require any flexibility or strength. If you like to gaze deep into your partner eyes, then try this position.

Mutual masturbation

If you want to spice things up in the bathroom, then try to pleasure yourself, while your partner is pleasuring herself. You can jerk each other off while kissing or if you prefer, than just sitting in one corner.

The proposal

Do not worry you do not have to get on your knees to propose, your partner. This is the sex position, which will allow both you and your partner to get ultimate pleasure. In this position, your partner will be on her both knees and you will be on your one knee. You will keep your one knee bent, and both you and your partner will hold each other and gaze into each other eyes.

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Shower Sex Positions - Best Seller Of The Week -

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