Do You Like Some Standing Action?

Do you always have to perform sexual intercourse in a weird place? Well, you might not always get a place where you can sit or lie down comfortably during sexual intercourse. If you always find yourself in small places, during sexual intercourse, then you might need to learn some new stuff.

In this post, you can find some amazing sex positions, which you can try in tight space rooms. So keep on reading this post given by an expert.


If you are having sex in small rooms, showers etc, then you might want to try this sex position. In this position both you and your partner will get maximum pleasure, also this is the best position to find a g-spot.

It is a very easy position, both you and your partner will be standing and your women will be leaning forward and put her hands-on wall for support. You can keep your hand on her butt for more powerful thrust. In this position, man will control the movement and the range of depth, to heat things up you can hold your partner’s hair


If you want to try some hot, silly and sexy things sexually with your partner, then you might want to try this position. This is the best position to perform in small rooms. But your female partner has to be a little strong because she will push her self up using her hands.

You will have to grab her ankles or thigh to give her support. If you will be able to master this position, then your sex life will be spiced up. But you will not be able to penetrate in this position, however, you and your partner will get ultimate pleasure.

Hanging garden

You do not have to be in a tight space place, to perform this sex position. It can be performed anywhere, even outdoors, because you do not require anything for this position. In this position, you will be standing straight and your girl will put her both hands above your shoulders to climb up.

You have to use your hands to grab her but. This way you will be able to make the movement, in this position you can penetrate deep. In this position, you will also be able to show off your strength, by holding her up.


In this position, your girl has to lie down on her back, on a table or any waist-high surface. You will be standing and leaning forward, try this position if your girl likes slow movement. This is the best position if you like to gaze into each other eyes.

Necklace of venus

In this position on you will be standing on your feet and your girl will recline backward. Your girl will have to keep her hands on the table or any surface, you will control all the range of movement.


The positions mentioned above are some of the best position to perform in tight and small places. All these positions are very hot and fun to perform, so next time when you will have sex keep theses position in mind. Some of these positions you can try outside, in that way you can get more pleasure.

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