The prostate is a male reproductive organ found at the end of the bladder. The urethra, a tube responsible for urination runs through the prostate. The function of this gland is to produce semen. Semen is the fluid that is responsible for the protection and transportation of the sperm. This fluid comes out via urethra during ejaculation. Thus, the proper functioning of the prostate glands is very important for your body to function to properly sexually as well as keep your kidneys healthy.

Causes Of Poor Prostate Health

Generally, prostate health in men degrades as they age. The enlargement of prostates is generally caused by the increase in the number of cells or hyperplasia. A variety of other factors like androgens or male hormones, estrogen, growth factor and disruption in the cell to cell pathways can lead to the enlargement of the prostate.

Here are some of the popular reasons for poor prostate health.

  • Poor stress management.3
  • Acid/alkaline imbalance.
  • Toxic build-ups.
  • Hormonal imbalances or natural hormonal changes(aging).
  • Poor quality of water and air intake.
  • Lack of exercise.
  • The appropriate amount of sex.
  • Microwaved food.
  • Poor sleep.
  • Too many antibiotics.
  • Lack of sunlight(Vitamin D).
  • Lack of nutrition.

Symptoms Of Poor Prostate Health:

Poor prostate health can cause a wide range of problems like Urinary problems, poor sexual health, etc. Here is a brief list of symptoms that tells you about your prostate health.

Urinary Symptoms:

The urethra, a tube that is responsible for passing the urine out of the body passes through the prostate glands. Hence, if the prostate glands are enlarged, it can cause problems for the urinary tract and also in urination.

If the prostate glands are enlarged, it can block the flow of urine and semen from the body. This can lead to stagnation of urine inside your body. This causes the bladder to be stronger, thicker and more sensitive. Hence, it begins to contract even when there’s a small amount of urine in the bladder. This tells us that too frequent urination can be a sign of poor prostate health.

The bladder cannot overcome the narrowed urethra. Hence, not all the urine in the bladder is emptied. This leaves us with the feeling of incomplete bladder emptying.

If the bladder is not completely empty and urine is left for retention, this can lead to urinary tract infections. It can also lead to symptoms like blood in the urine, bladder stones and acute urinary retention. These symptoms are some of the prime symptoms of poor prostate health and prostate inflammation.

Poor prostate health can also cause dribbling of urine after urination, straining to urinate, frequent urination at night and difficulty to urinate.

These are some of the common symptoms and irregularities you will notice in your urination if you are suffering from poor prostate health and inflammation.

Sexual Health Symptoms:

Prostate glands are located at the entrance of the penile region. It is also responsible for the production of semen, the protection fluid for sperm.

Here are some changes and degradation factors you can observe in your sexual health to know about your prostate health.

Poor prostate health can lead to poor libido. The medications for prostate enlargement have been also said to affect libido.

If the prostate glands are enlarged, the blood flow to the penile region is blocked. This can cause ED. The lack of blood circulation does not allow the penile region and its chambers to have access to the blood supply and nutrition. This causes ED, poor erection quality and limp erections.

Enlargement in the prostate glands can cause poor control over ejaculations. The enlarged prostate glands can block the urethra which carries the semen out of the penis.

Retrograde ejaculations can also be a sign of an enlarged prostate. In this condition, after ejaculation, the semen instead of going out from the penis goes into the bladder.

Poor prostate health can also lead to reduced sexual satisfaction during intercourse. As there is reduced blood flow in blood vessels in the penile chambers, the nerve ending loses its sensations. Also, common prostate medicines include alpha-blockers and alpha-reductase, which can lower your libido.

How Can You Improve Your Prostate Health?

There are many ways to improve your prostate health by surgery, home or by medicine.


Medications cannot usually eradicate the problems of the prostate. But there are many medicines that significantly reduce them and the pain. Medicines like doxazosin, dutasteride and other drugs of this class can help you to improve the symptoms of the poor prostate. These drugs can have side effects that can lead to problems in sexual functioning.

Hence, medicines cannot be said as an ideal way to deal with prostate problems.

Surgical Options:

Surgery is usually recommended by doctors when the medications do not show considerable improvement. There is a wide variety of surgeries available due to advancement in the medical sciences. TURP, TUIP, TUMT, prostatic urethral life etc. are the common surgeries used against prostate inflammation.

The most common side effects of the surgery are retrograde ejaculation. This causes the semen to go back into the bladder after ejaculation rather than out of the penis.

Home remedies:

Home remedies, though show the effect slowly are usually the best ways to treat any kind of irregularity. Home remedies are usually ways that can help us to prevent and reduce the effect of the irregularity. Here are some home remedies and precautions you can take to improve the symptoms of the prostate.

  • Reduce the intake of alcohol, sweeteners and fizzy soda.
  • Avoid drinking in bed and in the evening.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Exercise.

Prostate plays an important role in the body and its irregularities can largely affect our sexual health as well as the urinary system. Although these glands degrade with your growing age, it is necessary you take proper care of them. “Prevention is better than cure” is what we say and it will help us achieve greater good if we implement it in our real lives, and it is especially in the case of the prostate.

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